Thank you for choosing AdCurve to maximise your online marketing profit. In order to start advertising via AdCurve you first need to complete the following steps

1. Create your account in AdCurve

In the next pages you can create your account, enter shop details and create a user in AdCurve.

2. Implement the AdCurve tags on your webshop

You will find a link to the Implementation Guide which contains all the information to help you implement the tags on your website. You can forward the link to the Implementation Guide to your implementation partner or IT department.

3. Send products to AdCurve

In order to help you to optimise, we need you to send all your products to our system. You can accomplish this through a product feed or API calls.

4. Add publishers to your AdCurve account

You can then start advertising by selecting and installing your advertising channels in the App Store in AdCurve. In order to activate an advertising channel in AdCurve, you need to have a contract with them first.

Create my AdCurve account